Elect Brandon Casutt
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On The Issues

1 Health care and prescription drugs

Accessible & Affordable Healthcare.  Qualified medical care must be accessible to any patient at all times.  We need to cut the cost of prescription drugs.

My son Skyler and daughter Mandi have Cystic Fibrosis.  I know the need for affordable healthcare and cutting the cost of prescription drugs.

2 Education

Nevada's future lies in the education of its youth.  We need to provide a high-quality education to our children.  How can we best improve the learning environment in every classroom?  Resources should be directed to teachers and programs that directly influence the success of our children.  We need ways to better involve parents, the community and businesses in the education of our children.




3       Foreclosure

Although the foreclosure problem in Nevada has gotten better, it still remains a problem.  I will use whatever influence I have as your Assemblyman to act now to help Nevada citizens keep their homes and help the housing market recover even more.

4      Accountability and Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility- We need to enforce responsible spending, promote economic growth, and increase the quality of life for all. Our State government must be fiscally balanced and accountable.

All areas of government have a responsibility to the people and need to be accountable for their actions.

5      Economy

We need to keep Nevada a place that welcomes new business and people.


6      Jobs

We need to keep Nevada business friendly and create incentives to bring and keep more Hi-Tech and entry level jobs to our State.  Expansion of businesses and economic growth will create more jobs for Nevada residents.

Together we can make a better Nevada!

If you agree with me, that we must have changes, to help Nevada citizens, from our children to our seniors, then I ask for your support.

I will bring a new voice and a new energy to our State Assembly!

I thank you for your consideration and ask for your vote


Elect Brandon Casutt to Assembly district 12.